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heroic [Jan. 20th, 2011|05:04 pm]
[Current Mood |awakeawake]

for some reason this past week i've felt like everything is as it should be. i'm very happy and content with my life currently. i have no desire to pursue any females and i'm more than fine with that. i'm perfectly happy with being single and have no wishes to change this.

maybe i'm just growing up, becoming an adult, and if so i really like becoming an adult. i feel like i have full control over my life, which i haven't felt constantly at any point as far as my memory claims.

i feel strong enough to take on any challenge life throws at me, and i know i'll come out on top somehow.

i feel like i've leveled up, i've learned something that i didn't know before, yet i can't think of what it is. somehow i feel like everything is working as intended, and it's amazing.

work is going great, this whole week has been fun. the tables i'm serving are really nice people, and some of them have had some pretty interesting stories that they've shared with me. today for example i had a large party, one of the gentlemen came in a half hour early just in case we were busy, since sometimes on thursday we are busy. today we weren't busy, we were abnormally slow for a thursday. well i had some spare time so i talked to him about just random things, he asked me what i wanted for a career, if the hospitality was it or something else. i told him film always gave me an interest but i have not pursued it in any form, college aspect wise. he said he wasted some time in his youth, claimed it was fun but looking back he wished he spent it wiser. he was a tax adviser, or a retired one rather, he didn't hate his work ever, but he didn't have a passion per say. i agreed with him that a job you don't love is just fine, it's only important that you don't hate it.

i feel like i'm understanding humans a lot better than ever before, and my past thoughts on humans as a whole is altered. however i still do not like how ignorant or evil some of us can be, but that just makes me strive even more to be kind, generous, and aware of my fellow human beings.

if i could have any wish it would be that every human could take in consideration for the rest of the group, to understand that we're all here and we all want to be happy/content. i don't see why it should be so difficult for us to be united as a whole race. i do understand that in our current society we could not have a form of government that could run the entire world under one common goal, though i do hopelessly wish we could somehow achieve such a thing.

i don't understand why we should have wars anymore, since the basic principle of war was to establish territory or dominance over another tribe of humans. if all nations of the world could unite and focus on developing clean, new, reusable technology then maybe we have a chance to explore space. which i say is the most important thing for every human to understand. regardless of religious believes or anything else, it should be undeniable that we must venture into space. that we must learn more how to harness it as we have so many other things on this world. i believe space travel is very possible, we just need to discover a good/safe way of doing so. what better way to try learning space than as a whole race?

if i could have a second wish, it would be that everyone strives to unite with one and other in hopes of conquering the ability to traverse space in a time efficient manner.

anything and everything is possible in this universe, so i say this is not such a hard thing to accomplish. at least if we were able to realize we're all humans, and we must all strive to make everyone feel safe and happy.

sadly so many humans will disagree with me on all of this.

[User Picture]From: madskittles13
2011-01-21 04:06 am (UTC)
I like this.
And I thank you for giving me something worthwhile to read on lj..
my expectations are quite low for lj posts, and your writing always seems to exceed them =]
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[User Picture]From: kain42
2011-01-22 01:01 am (UTC)
yeah i really enjoyed writing this post, most my post lately have been "weak" in my mind when i think about them afterward. i get really stoked when i can write well thought pieces like this.

lately i've been thinking of writing an Essay for the fun of writing something interesting. but i can't think of a topic that has pushed me enough to actually write one.

thanks for liking it and reading it. =)
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